The mission of the Oklahoma Barbecue Society is to create passion and excellence in the culinary art of barbecue among fellow Oklahomans and share educational opportunities by successful leaders in barbecue. Membership in the society is open to anyone who has a love for barbecue. As the society grows, we will strive to offer our members the best quality products and services.

We are proud to announce the Cleaver Team of the Year contest. Those that are interested in taking part in the contest can find more information on the Team of the Year pages. The Cleaver is only open to contests in the state of Oklahoma that meet the criteria, and pay their entry fee (contests can pay online on the Team of the Year page, or can contact us to make different arrangements). However, any cook team that is a member of the OKBS can be a part of the Cleaver regardless of their home location. Those teams that wish to be considered for the Cleaver should complete the entry form on the Team of the Year Page.

The society also wishes to build up the competitive barbecue circuit in the state. We would like to offer our assistance to anyone that wishes to create a barbecue competition in their community. We would also like to either create contests for the backyard cook, or have them in conjunction with established competitions. All barbecue competitions in the state are on our Event Calendar. If you wish to include your event, please submit a detailed description on the contact us page.

Another goal is to share educational opportunities to our members, and to the public. We would like to share the lessons learned by successful leader in barbecue from years of experience. You may ask who are these successful leader in barbecue. It can be anyone from the World Champion cook to the individual that has been perfecting the art of barbecue in their backyard over many years. Anyone that is willing to share what they have learned is welcome to post it in the Forum, or if you wish to write articles you can submit them to our Blog. We are also working on a page where people can submit video tutorials to share with everyone.

As the society grows we will continue to add benefits, and features for our members. This website in no exception. It will continue to evolve as the organization does. A society is only as good as its members, and we welcome any suggestions that you may have. I would like to close by saying that we are not asking you to join our society, but to join with us to create a society that every Oklahoman can be proud of.

Thank you,


Lynne Benkendorf
Vice President
David Qualls
Alissa Gage-Hill
Sandy McDaniel
Ray Mabe
Brad Beasley
Darrel Hicks
Jesse Henry
Henry Scott

Jody Harris
Phillip Kirk
Kids Q Grants
Larry & Lynda Voth