Judges Recognition Award

The Oklahoma Barbecue Society recognizes 3 judges at the annual banquet for their contribution to competitive barbecue. Are you a judge or a volunteer in the judges area during contests? If so, the OKBS accepts nominations for judges you feel go above and beyond to help others and all while displaying a high level of professionalism.
Judges Recognition criteria:

  1. Willing to be a mentor to other judges. Is knowledgeable and helps new, or inexperienced judges. Shares their knowledge and discusses how he/she determines their scores.
  2. Displays a high level of professionalism
  3. Selfless service: is willing to do whatever job is necessary to make the contest a success whether it be judging, table captaining, volunteering, assisting the contest reps, or any other position.
  4. Interested in being a part of the barbecue community (judges, contest reps, volunteers, cooks, and contest organizers). Someone that is interested in more than just eating and leaving.
  5. Possesses and displays leadership qualities
  6. Best represents the spirit and intent of judging
  7. Displays a love of barbecue and shares his/her joy with others
  8. Be a judge that other judges admire and strive to be like.
  9. Must be a member of the Oklahoma Barbecue Society.
  10. Must have judged during the season.
  11. Must be a member in good standing of the Oklahoma Barbecue Society.

At the end of the season we will take all the nominated candidates and have a vote.  The three people that receive the most votes will be recognized at the banquet.  To be eligible to vote you must have worked in some capacity with the judges during the season.

Submit your recommendation no later than December 31st to okbs.us@gmail.com