Contest Evaluation Form

Please fill out and return to any OKBS board member, email to or mail to PO Box 381, Enid OK 73702 after the event or no later than December 31st. This will help our OKBS Cleaver Team of the Year Contests to be the best they can be and resolve any issues they may not be aware of. This evaluation counts toward THE EVENT OF THE YEAR AWARD, given at the OKBS Banquet.

(RATE THESE FROM 1 to 10, 10 being the best. Leave blank any question that does not apply

to you.)

1. Volunteers were available to help when needed   __
2. Made to feel welcome (Thanked, Goodie Bags or T-shirts, etc)   __
3. Ice, Electric, Extra Space or Location Choices were offered   __
4. Trash Pickup Available and Timely   __
5. Meat Inspection is done timely and properly   __
6. The convenience of Ash, Grease, Trash and Gray Water Disposal   __
7. Ease of Check-in and Set-up   __
8. Team Parking: Ample / Convenient   __
9. Awards Ceremony advertised, started on time and satisfactory length   __
10. Event communications timely and adequate   __
11. The entry fee was appropriate to the payout   __
12. Electrical power adequate, reliable and as advertised   __
13. Quiet time was enforced, music at a satisfactory level)   __
14. Overall did you have fun and will you come back   __

What went well:

What went not so well:

Would you participate in this contest again? If so why? If not, why not?

What should be changed for next year?

We’re there enough volunteers / event staff?

Was prize money paid out appropriately?

Other comments / suggestions:

Click Here for PDF version of contest evaluation E-form