OKBS Cleaver Team Of the Year Rules

1. For a contest to be recognized, it must be sanctioned and follow the rules of that sanctioning body. The sanctioning body must sanction more than 5 contests and publish the top 10 results for the overall and categories of the contests.

2. For the overall and categories, the teamʼs 5 highest-ranking contests will be counted.


3. The scoring system to be used in accordance with your placement in the OKBS. View cleaver cookoff placement/points to the right. Bonus points will be awarded and added to your placement scores in accordance with the number of teams in each contest using the overall team count, maxing at 35 teams.

4. In the case of a tie, the teamʼs 6th best contest will be counted. If only 5 contests were cooked, then a score of zero will be used for the 6th contest.


5. The teamʼs head cook must be a member of OKBS prior to the awards of a contest being announced, or those results will not be counted.


6. The head cook must be present for the cookoff.


7. Contests in the State of Oklahoma that agree and have met all criteria will count for OKBS Team of the Year. Contests in States that border Oklahoma may apply to become a

Cleaver Team of the Year contest by submitting their contest application for approval from the OKBS Board of Directors. Applications received before the second Tuesday of each month will be reviewed at that month's board meeting.

8. 100% of the Cleaver fee paid by the organizers will be used for the Team of the Year prize and awards.

Placement/Points awarded

1st / 100

2nd / 90

3rd / 80

4th / 70

5th / 60

6th / 50

7th / 40

8th / 30

9th / 20

10th / 10